Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum

Chairman Reserve Spiced rum is produced in St. Lucia using a blend of copper pot and continuous column still rums.  It is blended with traditional island spices and aged in bourbon barrels.


This black and gold labeled bottle has the same bottle design as the regular reserve.  The Pitons figure prominently with the Bold Spiced label stamped in red on the front.  The liquid has a dark caramel color that reminds me of the candy setting up on wax paper.  In the glass the liquid tones down to dark amber.  On the shelves the bottle may blend a little too easily with the other products.


The first thing I picked up was spiced cinnamon orange.  Then after letting it breathe I discovered nutmeg and a hint of coconut.  I liked that this lacks some of the odors of other spiced rums which beat you over the head with such as pepper.


First sip flooded the mouth with a robust fruit (lemon and orange) flavor, spiced by cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and coconut.  Additional sips revealed very light vanilla notes and a flavor I could not identify but after researching the brand can only guess is the Richeria Grandis a boise bande bark that is renown in the Caribbean for its aphrodisiac reputation.  There is enough burn to reassure you that you are consuming alcohol but it does not take away from the quality of the rum.


The sample I had succeeded in me wanting to give this spirit my undivided attention.  I enjoyed the robust flavour, slight burn, and smoothness of the rum.  In my opinion the versatility of the rum makes it a good option for sipping neat or mixing.