Comme Des Garcons 2 Man Eau de Toilette

Comme des Garcons ‘2 Man’ smells like church pews, old ships and forest fires. It is mossy and woody and has conspicuously intense notes that smell like incense. In the splendid words of one admirer, David Hunter; “[pullquote]…it is intoxicating and a masterpiece. Strike a match and light a waxed saddle on fire, throw in a tumble weed, cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, and what the hell, add a gallon of gasoline. Then grab a Single Malt Scotch and get drunk on the smoke. By the time you pass out, you’ll find yourself inside of a Byzantine Mosque. Believe me.[/pullquote]” The rusticity of the scent and distinct smell of incineration make this the ideal scent for the autumn season; team with a peanut-butter coloured cord jacket, paisley tie, dark denim and brown brogues.

Comme des Garcons ‘2 Man’

Man Comme Des Garçons 2, is probably the best and most curious Eau de Toilette that I ever consistently purchased. It has many layers and periods of revealing. Its elements contain some classics; Burt Aldehydes; Vetiver;Cardamon; Leather and Amber. Its more rarefied elements include: Saffron; Elemi; Mahogany Wood and Incense. The incense initially predominates, the aroma is essentially masculine, and has a deep warmth and freshness to it. It is miles away from the majority of other look and smell alike scents on the market. It is not available as a mass market product so you have to really look for it and that is part of its charm. If you are looking for something unusual, sensual, revealing in its many layers, beautifully woven together and subtle, Man is for you. In different temperatures it reveals its complexity but it never loses its essential identity as many Eau de Toilettes can. It can be worn at point in the day, for business, or pleasure, is especially good for relaxing after a long day and after a shower or bath it seems to exquisitely envelop you, definitely the thinking man’s scent of choice. An absolute classic in the true sense of the word, designed and crafted by one of the best noses in the industry.

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