Anatomical art of Fernando Vicente

Madrid born artist, Fernando Vicente, has been developing his style of combining illustration with painting since the early 80′s, and he has a serious portfolio to account for it. The extent of Vicente’s work ranges wide and deep. I have selected to highlight one of the themes he is known for but as illustrated in three different stories and styles. In his anatomical work Vicente captures a classic beauty through which he generates intricate and innovative images, by dissecting the inner workings of a human and a machine; and even combining them in one of the series shown here. I am absolutely fascinated by his work and excited to keep a close eye on his frequently updated blog.

[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ] afa536f8adfd5afac900948861691df5.jpgcdd04f1341442cf24be8d855b5b5e381.jpg25faea64f04ec7e3ac63db0f3f8f1ba5.jpg2038daa1518ffadb182793f22f1a9bf6.jpg5e7fd6b8eb347e6ff961b619b9a15450.jpgbf24098784f02eb35a547585d332a36c.jpg94cfa9d87c72ef109f83f79c46227a6d.jpgc6fdcb1bdcb0a50d126b4b88226dcc88.jpge32766c9bd4f07b28d772597ae8b0b1d.jpgcd60fcebc6a7705a3350882a39426bcc.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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