Top Jerusalem Juice Guru: Uzi-Eli Chezi

Uzi-eli from Yemen, known by most as the “etrog man”, makes unique juices using the etrog, a potent citrus fruit used during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. He claims that his selection of fresh juices treat skin problems, acne, sinus, neck and backache, infertility and even ephemeral ailments of the soul such as inner quiet. Though Uzi-eli offers a huge selection of interesting-tasting juices, each with its own particular set of healing powers, don’t miss out on trying a five shekel shot of etrog juice.


Uzi-Eli Chezi has been peddling etrog (citron) juice for over 20 years now, opening up shop in the Machane Yehuda market in 2003, just as Jerusalem’s post-Intifada streets began to bustle once again. The move was good for Uzi-Eli, whose marketing style straddles the line between old-time witch doctor and gimmicky theme park stall: Rambam-inspired folk medicine for the masses. So while his drinks, especially the etrog and gat (khat) juiceare the ultimate pick-me-up, his schug (chili pepper paste) is mild enough for the birthright crowd.

Kosher Rabbinate
10 Egoz Street

Map of Mehane Yehuda

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